How The Criminal Justice System Deals With Those Caught Using Ice

Those addicted to drugs who are in drug rehabs such as, are each there due to their addiction to a whole range of different drugs. They include heroin, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine, which is otherwise known as “ice”. Whilst several methamphetamine drugs are taken by drug users, ice is the one that is the most potent.

There is often some confusion when referring to the names of methamphetamine because they often all get brought together as one, and the assumption is they are all the same drug, but they are not. Ice is just one version. Another is the base drug commonly called meth. This is brown and taken by injecting or swallowing it. Another version is speed, which is usually a white powder and is either injected, swallowed or snorted.

As for ice, which is the subject of this article, it gets its name from its appearance, which is crystalline and translucent, often with jagged shards. Other names for ice include glass, Tina, and crystal meth. It is taken either by injection or it can be smoked using a glass pipe.

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