Why And How Family Reports Are Produced

Whilst it is true that over 80% of all divorces and disputes that fall under the umbrella of family law are settled amicably, often with the help of family lawyers, it is also the case that some result in an acrimonious court battle. This is especially true when the dispute relates to the couple’s children and matters such as who they will live with and visitation.

Sadly too many parents think that by using the children as a kind of legal bargaining chip they will be able to make a stronger case. Hopefully, they will soon realise that the Family Court is not a casino, and it will ensure that children’s best interests are served as a priority over any demands either parent may make.

To ensure that the principle of ensuring that the child’s best interests are served as per the Family Law Act of 1975, the court will want to have as much information as possible relating to all the matters which it has to decide upon. In order to have this information in a format that encompasses everything which is relevant, it may order that a family report be produced.

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